​​Sacramento County Redistricting imageRedistricting News Releases​​​​

The process for re-drawing boundary lines for each of the five supervisorial districts in Sacramento County has begun.

Redistricting Public Workshops - June 21 & 23​​

  • The public is invited to attend one of two virtual workshops about the Sacramento County redistricting process. These workshops will also provide an overview of the mapping tools available for the public to draw proposed district boundaries and an opportunity for public comment on communities of interest and potential district boundaries. ​Read the complete News Story June 22, 2021 and sign up for the workshops.​​​

What is Redistricting?

  • ​Every ten years, following the Census count, the resulting census data is used to geographically define electoral districts, at all levels of government, through a process called redistricting. Redistricting ensures that each of the electoral district boundaries have about the same number of people and comply with the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Read the complete News Story May 19, 2021.​