What Is Redistricting?

Sacramento County Board of Supervisor District Boundaries must be redrawn every 10 years using U.S. Census data in order to make the five districts as equal in population as possible and that each member represents about the same number of constituents.​

Why does redistricting matter to me?
Redistricting determines which neighborhoods and communities are grouped together into a district for purposes of electing a board member. The Board of Supervisors will seek input in selecting the next district map for our supervisorial districts. You have an opportunity to share with the Board of Supervisors how you think district boundaries should be drawn to best represent your community.​​

What does the existing supervisorial districts look like?

What criteria will our board of supervisors use when drawing district lines?
To the extent practicable, district lines will be adopted using the following criteria:

  • Geographically contiguous districts (each supervisorial district should share a  ​common border with the next)
  • The geographic integrity of local neighborhoods or communities shall be respected in a manner that minimizes its division
  • Geographic integrity of a city shall be respected in a manner that minimizes its division
  • Easily identifiable boundaries that follow natural or artificial barriers (rivers, streets, highways, rail lines, etc.)
  • Lines shall be drawn to encourage geographic compactness. In addition, boundaries shall not be drawn for purposes of favoring or discriminating against a political party​​​
How will the board of supervisors notify the public about redistricting?
The County encourages participation by Sacramento County residents and will provide information through this webpage, on social media, via a Redistricting Info email distribution list, local media, and community-based organizations and partners. Information will include public workshops, public hearings, draft maps, how to draw boundary lines for your district, and more.

How do I get involved?
The Board of Supervisors will be holding hearings to receive public input on where district lines should be drawn. Residents may also submit public comments, including suggested draft maps, by emailing: redistricting@saccounty.net

where can I​ find more information?
The County maintains a webpage on the its redistricting process, visit  Redistricting.saccounty.gov​​.​

How can I submit boundary line suggestions?​​​​​​​

Suggestions for redistricting and supervisorial boundary lines can also be submitted in person or by U.S. mail at 700 H Street, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA 95814.​​​​